Charles Boulton Innovation Coach

My Areas of Work

I work in three general areas:

Technology Management: Managing technology and the capabilities it offers, strategically, purposefully and effectively

Innovation Coaching: Improving effectiveness in steering and delivering innovation, continuously

Change Facilitation: Enabling and facilitating change by thoughtful and timely support

My clients are typically looking for ways to grow their business and increase its resilience. Some are focused on technology, many on innovating successfully and all face the question of managing change. My contribution leads to new strategies, new products and services, new business models and more effective and efficient ways of working.

My style of working is as much coaching as consulting because I work alongside my clients, be they individuals or teams. As well as addressing the particular topic we also build capability and capacity, flexibility and resilience. Working together we seek more than just answers - we build individual and organisational capability to manage technology, innovation and change more effectively and efficiently. We focus on results and not on reports.

Often I am asked to provide a different and independent perspective and focus, for clients with complex and critical issues subject to tight timescales, typically working with small internal teams or taskforces. The outcome is decisive action.


I work for both large and small companies and organisations, across many sectors. I have worked with small entrepreneurial teams, with individual board members trying to accelerate their companies, and with large teams of product/brand/service managers and developers. Together we have generated new products and services, new business processes and new business models. For specific examples see 'Projects'.

A Broader Perspective

I'm always on the lookout for examples of different ways of thinking that might act as a stimulus in our work. Such examples might be drawn from history and from any sector and often illustrate new directions in which to look. For examples see 'Great Innovators'.

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